Procedure for Closing Purchase Orders

Beginning May 1, 2015, Accounts Payable stopped accepting PO Cancellation request forms from departments. All departments will now have the capability to cancel the balance of a PO within their current KFS profile authority. Departments will no longer be required to fill out and submit a PO Cancellation form. Along with this new capability, is the responsibility of ensuring that all open invoices have been entered into KFS. It is important to note that Procurement Services will not re‐open purchase orders once closed. If an invoice comes in after the department has closed a PO, a new requisition must be processed for the invoice. An explanation as to why the PO was closed prematurely with the department head’s concurrence must be attached to the replacement requisition. Please note: If you want to void or amend an existing PO you will need to email the appropriate person in either Procurement Services or Sponsored Program Services. A VOID PO is one that has never been paid against.

Procedure for Closing PO’s

  1. Click on the close order button at the bottom of the PO you are requesting to close
  2. Enter a reason and you will also have to click yes to confirm you want to close the PO
  3. Once you click yes another window will open as stating your purchase order close request was successfully submitted
  4. Click OK to close this window.


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