Update: HuskyBuy Supplier Portal Transition

HuskyBuy Evolution

The HuskyBuy Evolution project will add new functionality to the purchasing and payment process and is expected to go-live on July 2, 2018.  As part of the project, we will be transitioning from PaymentWorks to HuskyBuy Supplier Portal. We have a temporary transitional procedure for supplier adds and edits. This temporary procedure will run from Friday, May 4th through Monday, July 2nd. We have created a temporary web form for these requests, New Supplier Request form. Departments will use this form to request an invitation be sent to a new supplier. Departments are no longer required to send invitations to suppliers. The Supplier Management Team will review new supplier requests and send the appropriate invitation.

During the transition period, it is important to note that New Supplier Request forms will be held until the HuskyBuy Supplier Portal goes live on May 14th.

New and existing suppliers will have the ability to make changes to their supplier profile by logging in to their HuskyBuy account. This will eliminate the need for departments to manually enter edits.

Use the link below to request a new supplier. This temporary link will be used from April 26th until July 2nd. At that time, you will begin using the permanent supplier request. More information regarding the permanent solution will be provided as the date approaches.


Important Dates

  • April 25th - PaymentWorks invitations are no longer being sent
  • May 4th - Any PaymentWorks supplier that has previously received an invitation has until end of business on May 4th to complete the application. If the suppliers are unable to complete it by that date, the department will need to begin the process using the New Supplier Request form. We encourage you to contact your suppliers now and ask that they complete the application prior to May 4th so that they do not need to start the process anew.
  • May 4th - Manual edits and new supplier edocs MUST be submitted into KFS by the end of business on May 4th. After that date, all new supplier requests must be submitted using the New Supplier Request form. Any supplier edits must be completed by the supplier using the HuskyBuy Supplier Portal.
  • May 14th – HuskyBuy Supplier Portal goes live; departments begin using the temporary New Supplier Request form
  • July 2nd – Transition to the permanent New Supplier Request form