New Procedure for Closing Purchase Orders

The University issues purchases orders as one of the authorized methods to procure goods and services. Periodically, these are closed via an automated process within KFS. Alternatively, purchase orders can be manually closed. Currently departments are required to fill out a PO Cancellation form found on the Accounts Payable (AP) website to close Purchase Orders. AP team members will review the requests to verify that all outstanding and known invoices have been paid, then assign a list number to the form and forward the form onto a Procurement Services team member, who then will cancel the purchase order. Recognizing that this process is inefficient and in some aspect, duplicative, Procurement Services, along with members from Accounts Payable, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Office of Vice President for Research and Facilities Operations and Building Services have met to define a new procedure for the closing of purchase orders.

Purchase Order Closing Procedure